The first inaugural Self-Storage Expo Asia was held on 20 and 21 March 2013 in The Langham hotel in Hong Kong. Nearly 140 people turned out for the first ever self-storage conference and trade show held in Asia and it was considered a success by all. Attendees came from various Asian countries, Australia, Europe and the USA. No matter their origins, they were all interested in hearing more about self-storage in Asia and 10 veterans from the self-storage industry aimed to do just that during this two-day conference.

Organising a self-storage expo in Asia was the idea of Steel Storage’s Executive Chairman, Jon Perrins. As a leading solution provider to the self-storage industry, Steel Storage had been providing its products and services to the Asian self-storage market since 2003. You can safely say that they understand that self-storage works in this booming market. Asia’s property prices increase year on year and consumerism seems to be an unstoppable force as more and more of Asia’s four billion inhabitants move steadily towards the middle-income class. With it comes a transition to modern living and self-storage is a proven and necessary part of this modernisation.

In some Asian countries the self-storage market is so mature that large investments are being made and the first portfolio sales are starting to happen with $100′s of millions in transactions already completed.

Fourteen years ago, Steel Storage was instrumental in helping to establish the first industry trade show in the UK, with a number of expert trade companions and some enthusiastic self-storage operators. This event has since developed into the European Self-Storage Conference attracting some 250 delegates from across the region coming to learn and exchange ideas.

In 2013 Jon thought it was time to repeat this concept in Asia and show everyone who is interested what is happening with this exciting new self-storage investment opportunity in Asia. Some of the industry’s leading experts came together to share their views and advice. In addition to Steel Storage’s design, manufacture and construction capabilities for partitioning and door systems, the show included experts on:

   - Self-storage operation and ownership
   - Buying and selling self-storage facilities
   - Appraisal and property acquisition
   - Self-storage management consultants
   - Suppliers of access control and security systems
   - Operational software developers
   - Lock and merchandise providers

At the Self-Storage Expo Asia 2013, speakers shared their wealth of experience in self-storage ownership, investment, development and operations and we there were also two round-table sessions for more in-depth discussions.

The next Self Storage Expo will be held in Hong Kong on the 26th -27th March 2014.

So whether you are new to self-storage, have just started in self-storage or are a veteran with interests in being involved in self-storage in Asia, the Self-Storage Expo Asia 2014 will aim to answer all your questions.


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Welcome by Jon Perrins on Day 1 of the Self-Storage Expo Asia 2013