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For some of the countries, you may require to have a VISA to enter the People's Republic of China. Please check with your local Embassy of the People's Republic of China. We will recommend you to reach us earlier for any assistance on the application.

It may take you 1-2 months to process your VISA.

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Doors Open

08:00 | Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom

Arrive early to do what you came here to do, build your business and network the heck out of the room. 

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SSAA Annual General Meeting

08:15-08:45 | Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom

For members only - 2018, the year that was.

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Concurrent Session 1A: 1-2, 2-More

09:00-09:25 | Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom A

Raju Lalwani | Managing Director | Cube Self Storage


Cube Self Storage started as a single facility and has grown into a handful. Along the road they've learned through mistakes but have taken every one in stride and are now growing across borders. Small businesses can learn a lot from their story and they are happy to share it.

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Concurrent Session 1B: Innov8 2 B Gr8

09:00-09:25 | Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom C

Kevin Chan | Chairman | Storefriendly Self Storage Group

Jes Johansen | CEO | Amicus Investment Management


Kevin Chan and Jes Johansen are not shy about pushing the boundaries and as a 'senior' in the business, his aim is to inspire others to grow through an entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Come to be inspired.

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Concurrent Session 2A: VS Developing

09:35-10:00 | Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom A

Malaysia - Desmond How | Director & Founder | Flexi Storage

Thailand - Pakdee Anivat | CEO & Founder | i-store Self Storage

District of Taiwan - Jodi Chen | CEO | Easy Storage Taiwan  


What do Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan have in common?  They are growing in self storage and have a lot more room to move. Country leaders in the business feel strongly about their industry and are willing to fight in order to tell the world about it. After this, where would you invest? 

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Concurrent Session 2B: VS China

09:35-10:00 | Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom C

Shanghai - Alex Chung | Managing Director | Good World Storage

Beijing - Emma Feng | CEO | MyCube Self Storage 

Shenzhen - Charlotte Sun | Managing Director | Locker Locker Self Storage


Beijing VS Shanghai VS Shenzhen. Many of you are here to learn about China and our speakers aren't shy to brag about their chosen cities for self storage operations. Get ready for fireworks!


Morning Networking, Coffee

and Brain Break

10:05-10:40 | Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom Foyer Area

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Regional RE Review and Survey Results

10:45-11:30 | Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom

Bob Tan | Director | JLL

Markus Scherer | Director | Ipsos Business Consulting


Knowledge is king and knowing not only what the regional real estate outlook is but how our SSAA members feel about the state of the industry will help you better understand the kingdom. JLL, through a tailor made research report, and Ipsos Business Consulting, through our SSAA Annual Survey, will thoroughly share all this information and more. 

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Adigma Asia Presents: How The Big Players Win Big

11:30-11:55 | Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom

Scott Jensen | Board Member | Adigma

Gabe Thayn | Co-Founder | Adigma


Big operators win through significant improvements in efficiency. Two examples of this in self-storage are 1) The large REITs typically have CPAs that are 1/8th - 1/10th of smaller operators meaning for the same budget they can acquire 8-10 more customers than smaller operators and 2) Through data and technology large self-storage operators are able to manage 3-4 times the number of properties with the same personnel/headcount as smaller operators, resulting in a decrease in per unit HR costs. In this session, we will demonstrate h0w integrating analytics, marketing, call center reporting, revenue management and optimization into one holistic view can dramatically improve the efficiency of the marketing and revenue management of your business. In addition, the tools required to do this analysis are less expensive, often times free, and more ubiquitous then they have been.

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12:00-13:30 | Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom Foyer Area

Round tables (12:30-13:15) 3 of your top topics - 15 minutes each - Go! - Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom A


Round Tables! Professionals discussing topics including: 1) Japan 2) Hong Kong 3) China 4) Thailand and Malaysia 5) Self Storage Security 6) Self Storage Software 7) Self Storage Law 8) Construction and Design 9) Asia Research -- Change every 15 minutes. Pick your top 3

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20 Years a Storage Guy: The Highs & The Lows

13:35-14:10 | Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom

Paul Fahey | Director | Easy Box Italy​​

Paul Fahey has seen a lot in this 20 years as a self storage owner, operator, and investor in Europe and quite simply, he's here to share it all with us as there's been plenty of highs and plenty of lows, with a side of perseverance and a lot of lessons learned.

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China with map copy.png

Easy Rivergate Presents: China! All You Want to Know!

14:15-15:40 | Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom

Ying Lin | Partner & Lucy Yang Ying Dan | Partner | Easy Rivergate

Sam Xie | Head - Research China | CBRE

Emma Feng | CEO | MyCube Self Storage


There are plenty of lessons to learn here for what will be the most dominant market in the world.


What We See in China - Ying Lin & Lucy Yang Ying Dan With over 1.3 billion people increasing consumption, What We See in China is potential self storage growth on a grand scale. Together in partnership, Rivergate Companies, one of the largest private self-storage developers in the US, and Easy Storage, one of the most experienced self-storage operators in China, wishes to share with you the insight they see for big bright days ahead in the Chinese self storage industry.


A Macro Overview of Real Estate and Self Storage in China - Sam Xie CBRE are known globally for their best in class research and Sam will share a strong overview of the self storage and real estate market in China.


Operational Lessons in China Learned! - Emma Feng Emma Feng, as an operator and entrepreneur will discuss the difficulties of self storage in China as she's seen a lot. From starting her company, to expanding, she's connected to the industry and has a story to share.

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Day 3 Closing Cocktail

15:45-17:15 | Hotel 3/F Grand Ballroom Foyer Area

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Storefriendly Presents: Experience Evening

16:30-21:30 | Assembly at hotel lobby,

Lost Heaven Restaurant - 38 Gaoyou Rd, Shanghai

The Exclusive Storefriendly Experience Evening for those that want to see the best Shanghai has on offer. A feast for insatiable palates and a show for insatiable hearts.  


First, a feast that will awaken your taste buds to the diverse plates of China.  Here, at the beautifully decorated and centrally located Lost Heaven, we dine on traditional food from the Yunnan Province which, if you're never tasted, you'll never forget. 


After, a show you won't forget anytime soon. ERA - Intersection of Time - is the most popular acrobatic show in Shanghai and shares rave reviews the world over. Shanghai Acrobats are known worldwide so this show won't disappoint.


Limited spots for this limitless experience.

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1. Above mentioned details are subject to change and SSAA has the final decision of Self Storage Expo Asia 2019.

2. For some of the countries, you may require to have a VISA to enter the People's Republic of China. Please check with your local Embassy of the People's Republic of China. We will recommend you to reach us earlier for any assistance on the application. It may take you 1-2 months to process your VISA.

3. For any queries, you could contact Crystal Cheng (

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