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We are thrilled to be able to invite StoreLocal CEO, Hans Pearson to join us at the first ever Self Storage Expo Asia Online, and he has invited THE INDUSTRY LEADERS in the Australia and New Zealand market to share the latest industry trends and innovations with us. 

Hans has established an extensive background in self storage since 2008. Hans brings many years of property experience as a lawyer, investment banker, and funds manager in the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane markets. He and his team at StoreLocal has started a popular webcast in early 2020 with the aim of providing a forum for the industry to discuss issues relating to the pandemic. Guests so far have included UK Self Storage Association CEO Rennie Shafer, prominent Hong Kong Self Storage operator Kevin Shee, US self storage expert Scott Jensen, and an OH&S consultant from Australia, who provided advice on how to deal with COVID -19- related issues.


Operators have many reasons to up their investment game. Whether looking for a great exit, investment to expand or even funds to get started, investment fuels the industry. While recent multi-billion dollar announcements are grabbing headlines, smaller deals are being done and great value exists for investors whether experienced, new, or currently 'self-storage curious'.


  • A distinct branded event - within-an-event - a special part of the Self Storage Expo Asia 2020

  • Suppliers and Operators alike can meet investors and  explain their opportunities 

  • A full spectrum conference examining different levels of investment from angel to VC/PR to mega-deals

  • Pitching for investment

  • Networking

  • Prospectus - Deals can be collated in a paid advertising prospectus.

Who will be at the Investor Forum?

  • The business

  • Self-storage business owners

  • Self-storage CEOs and C-level executives

The suppliers

  • CEOs

  • Heads of Asia

  • Technical experts

The experts

  • Real estate analysts

  • Economic experts

  • Insurance professionals

The investors

  • Private equity giants

  • Venture capital

  • Real estate investment specialists

  • REIT CEOs and senior management

  • Family offices

  • Fund managers

  • US/European acquisition-seekers

  • Financial innovators

  • Angel investors

  • "Friends and Family" investors

How the Forum benefits you?
Operator members

  • Learn aboutt investment options and how to make themselves investment ready

  • Meet potential investors

  • Showcase their business as an investment target

Supplier members

  • Meet more operators

  • Learn what investors will look for from them

  • Make themselves perceived as 'must-have' to investors

Investor members

  • Real estate analysts

  • Economic experts

  • Insurance professionals

The community

  • Bring new investment to support members and grow the industry

  • Help raise the standards of operators as they improve their valuation

  • Increased influence beyond the self-storage market

  • Raise the industry profile among influential people

New investors

  • Attract storage-curious investors to learn industry and investment perspectives

  • Meet and learn from experienced investors

  • Get first hand exposure to operators and deals

  • Find co-investment partners to lower risk


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