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At KINNOVIS we are a young and motivated team of entrepreneurs and developers, designing solutions that accelerate the digital transformation of the property business.

Through our solution, day-to-day processes in big complexes such as co-living and co-working spaces can reach maximum efficiency. Our company was formed after we realized that to better run our fully digitalized self-storage site, we needed to design our own cutting-edge software application. That is how we began with access control in self-storage facilities, but we are now moving beyond opening doors – we strive to provide premium solutions to manage community spaces. At KINNOVIS, we not only aim to advance the quality of working and living so we may all thrive together, but we also encourage it inside our own company culture.

Having a background of over 30 years of renting real estate, we saw a potential in small storage compartments and started our first self-storage company in 2019. Given the struggles of managing all real estate properties and our newly founded self-storage company, we decided to put them down on paper and started brainstorming ideas to create a software that would satisfy all of our needs. We weren’t going to just stop at what we needed, we wanted to improve technology and make advancements on what was already on the market. We decided to establish KINNOVIS as the official software company, providing a fully automated solution which is now growing worldwide. With our own developers, high quality performance,

global network with our support team and latest technology, we’re quickly becoming a well known software solution. KINNOVIS truly is a software made by operators for operators.

KINNOVIS automatizes the day-to-day processes to help your team work more efficiently and focus on their important tasks. Not only is the new update optimised for your staff, but also your customers by allowing them easy move-in and instant bookings. With a booking engine that can be easily integrated into your website, your customers can complete bookings with just a few clicks at any time of the day.

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T: 43 223639333313

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