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Kevin Chan

Kevin Chan



Kevin, Kai Ho Chan is the Chairman and founder of Store Friendly Self Storage Group, which was founded in 2002.

Store Friendly aims to provide more “SPACE” for households and companies to solve the insufficient of space. Throughout the past years, the company has over 130 branches all over Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan and Shanghai, which provide over 40,000 storages and 1,200,000 square feet.

Kevin is determined to build up a “Brand” when he first started the business. He believed the motto of “Do it from heart”, only the honesty and sincerity can sustain customer base. He introduced the “actual area” to calculate the area of the storages from U.S.A.. This system has brought the entire industry to a step forward to replace the traditional method. As Store Friendly expanded to 10 branches, he discovered the bottle neck of expansion and management difficulty, so he implemented the “Franchise” concept into the company. This gave the company an inspiring outcome; 80 franchisees had joined the company in 5 years! Then on, Store Friendly became a household name.

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