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Discover an action-packed schedule featuring industry leaders sharing their expertise, and interactive panel discussions on emerging trends exploring the latest innovations. Gain invaluable insights into operational efficiency, customer engagement, and sustainable practices. From keynote presentations to networking sessions, our comprehensive agenda offers something for everyone in the self storage business. Get ready to elevate your knowledge, expand your network, and seize new opportunities in this thriving industry. Check out the exciting lineup and secure your spot at the forefront of self-storage excellence.



9:30am - 11:00am
Level 8, Strategy Room, W Hotel


1pm - 5pm
Site Visits (12:45pm Meet up at 8/F)

RedBox Storage

Sha Tin CityOne
Shatin Industrial Centre Block A,
5-7 Yuen Shun Circuit, Sha Tin, New Territories

Site Visit - redbox-Co-03.jpg

Located in City One, Shatin, our recently renovated self-storage facility spans 70,000 sqft of premium warehouse space and accommodates a variety of unit sizes to suit different storage needs. This facility boasts several amenities, including car parking, temperature control, access control, and 24/7 CCTV to enhance security. The area is well-lit with ample natural light, features high ceilings, and provides storage units at the maximum permitted full height. Additionally, fireproof storage solutions are available to ensure complete fire compliance. Positioned just a short 3-minute walk from the City One MTR Station, it provides a convenient 30-minute commute to Admiralty Station in the CBD.


Storefriendly Tower (Peninsula East)
82 Hung To Road,
Kwun Tong, Kowloon

Site Visit - SF.jpg

Open 24 hours, our Kwun Tong storage tower has 10 floors and provides a variety of services. Equipped with high-quality management system and various types of personalized facilities and private spaces on site, we gaurantee quality with the goal to provide more living space for our kwun tong mini storage customers.


StorHub Hung Hom

Flat A & B, 1/F, 5/F, Eldex Industrial Building,
21 Ma Tau Wai Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon

StorHub Self Storage.jpg

StorHub is the leading self storage platform in APAC with six easily accessible self storage facilities in Hong Kong. Our meticulously designed storage facility in Hung Hom provides reliable and secure storage solutions tailored to the storage needs of individuals and businesses. As the owner of the premises, we are fully committed to creating long-term value and stability for our customers with our reliable storage solutions and fulfilling their storage needs with unfaltering dedication. Our facilities comply with FSD regulations, offering a safe environment for your possessions. We offer a wide variety of unit sizes with flexible lease terms to accommodate various needs. With spacious driveways, ample parking spaces and 24/7 CCTV surveillance, you rest assured that your items are stored away in secure and easily accessible facilities.


5:30pm - 7:30pm
Opening Cocktail sponsored by PTI
The Daily Tot
Shop E, LG/f, Felicity Building
58 Hollywood Road, Central
Hong Kong Island



9:00 am

Official Opening and Welcome

Helen Ng
CEO, General Storage Company (Lock+Store, The Store House)
Tokuo Yoshida
Representative Director, Rental Storage Association

We are honored to have Helen Ng, Chair of the Self Storage Association Asia (SSAA) and Tokuo Yoshida, Representative Director, the Rental Storage Association of Japan (RSA) to open the event. 

9:20 am

Self Storage in Mainland China

Li Xiaoang
Self Storage Hub Branch Secretary-General
China Association of Warehousing and Distribution

The self storage market in China has quietly taken off in the past decade. With economic development, the demand for self storage has continuously increased, as has the expectation for the quality of self storage services. In 2016, the China Association of Warehousing and Distribution established a Self-Storage Industry Branch, which is currently the only self storage industry organization in mainland China. The Self Storage Association (SSAA) welcomes the Secretary-General of the Self Storage Industry Branch of the China Association of Warehousing and Distribution to provide an overview of the development of the self storage industry in mainland China and discuss how it can be further improved.

9:35 am

Keynote: Building an Asia-wide self storage brand

Kenneth Worsdale
Retired CEO
Extra Space Self Storage

Kenneth Worsdale has had an extraordinary run building self storage companies across Asia. He has been engaged in every part of the business from the lofty heights of strategy, market entry and M&A right down to the nitty-gritty of day to day operations, sales and marketing.


He describes the arc of his journey in multiple countries from Japan to Singapore and all stops in between. He looks to the future of self storage as global and local investment is changing the landscape for the big players trying to attract capital and smaller operators competing with them.


This is a must-see session as Kenneth Worsdale takes the stage at the SSAA for the first time ever.

10:00 am

Ten Reasons Self Storage is the Indispensable Industry

Chris Farquhar
CEO, Cimigo Consulting

The SSAA undertook to commission a global first - a never-before-seen study to discover the role that self storage plays in the wider economy. The results were completely beyond what was expexcted. In the study country, Singapore, the industry plays a role whose centrality had been completely underappreciated and unexpected until now. The results resound far beyond the Merlion state. Cimigo Consulting blows the cover off an industrial secret that governments, businesss associations and investors cannot ignore. It is the key the evidence that shows why self storage is poised to become "The Indispensable Industry".

10:20 am
Exhibition Time!
Coffee Break sponsored by FCX
FCX logo png.png

10:50 am

Revenue Strategy & Tactics: A 10x10 Stronger Revenue Base

Stephen Hughes
   Chief Marketing Officer, R6 Digital
Luigi La Tona
   Group Director of Operations - APAC, StorHub Self Storage
Louis Ver
   Senior Director of Commercial & Technology, RedBox Storage

Moderator: Stephane Lesaffre, Founder, Finverse Technologies

"If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs" - Kipling


Driving revenue is the name of the game. Asia in particular is famous for operators missing out on raising rates annd capturing revenues, assuming that every client is hyper-price sensitive. It just isn't true. Stop cutting prices and instead use smart marketing, right-pricing, choosing long-term over short-term results and creative strategies to help you to capture demand without degrading your per sqft rates.

11:20 am

Command your Command Centre

Jenny Baldwin
Head of Space Manager Programmer, RADical Systems

Software is the brains of your operations. You may have a range of software solutions at your business, but are you really in command? Savvy operators need to ask themselves if they are making the most of their data through smart data mining and integration with on and off-site tools for access control and admin functions like banking and accounting - to name but a few. True command doesn't mean taking what you are given - it means shaping your technologies to adapt to industry changes, evolving customer demands or innovate in response to your great ideas. Take command of your operations!

11:40 am

Your First App: Make it a 10/10

Michael Dogger
CEO, SiteLink International and R6 Digital

The self storage industry globally is buzzing with excitement about apps! They are one of the fastest growing new technologies for storage and all the smart operators have either already adopted it or are planning to in the near future. Some have even used them to go to a completely unmanned operating model.


Building an app is not for the faint of heart though. There are lots of complexities in the development or the app, the integrations with your other systems and much more.


Hear from Michael Dogger, CEO of R6 Digital, who lead the development of StorApp - the market leading self storage tenant app, about the journey of developing the app and practical stories about how adopting an app is making a huge change for self storage customers across the globe.

12:05 pm

FCX: The Latest in Asia-made Storage Buildouts

Yaya Leung, Marketing Director, FCX

Companies in China are fiercely focused on customer service and improving quality products in their competitive environment. FCX is no exception and have been reforming their processes and improving products to better serve operators across Asia. Now with smart locks as part of the package, they're bring the latest and greatest to the market.

12:15 pm
Exhibition Time!
Lunch at Exhibition - Studio 5, 6, W Hotel
sponsored by Shook Lin & Bok
Shook Lin & bok.png


2:00 pm

Self Storage AI: Ready for Prime Time?

Martin Wild, Managing Director, Kinnovis

While some might still be unsure if AI can be trusted, it is already helping your customers in their daily lives and soon it will help your competitors look for ways to close more deals, improve customer service and generate more sales. Martin Wild breaks down how the technology will make the smart smarter and ensure early adopters reach the front of the pack.

2:20 pm

AI Customer Triage: USA Case Study

Terry Bagley
President of Industry & Partner Relationships
Janus International

Trojan Storage in America has successfully implemented an AI-driven chatbot solution that reduces man-hours and gives staff the freedom to focus on closing potential customers or keep the current ones that need more love. Get a sense of what AI in action really looks like from the man who made it happen.

2:40 pm

Japan: Asia's Biggest Self Storage Market

Tokuo Yoshida
Representative Director, Rental Storage Association of Japan

The Representative Director of the RSA and majordomo of the Japanese self storage market, Tokuo Yoshida, will provide and update on the status of the Japanese market, highlights recent deals in Japan and provide insights into the investment climate into Japan. Japanese are not only innovating with technology - they are pioneering new investment models and changing the definition of storage.

3:10 pm

Innovation in Japanese valet storage: The Sumally Pocket Way!

Marina Komeda
Chief Strategy Officer
Sumally Inc (A Mitsubishi Estate Company holding)

Ms Marina Komeda is a leading expert in helping Japanese consumers to maintain their homes in their famously orderly fashion! At Sumally, she is innovating with new products and services called "Sumally Pocket" integrated into valet storage to attract new customers. She will share some of these innovations you might not have heard of, like "Oxygen-Free Storage", Specialised repair and cleaning, and single-item retrieval management.

3:20 pm
Exhibition Time!
Coffee Break sponsored by FCX
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4:00 pm

Smarter Self Storage Security

Jason Keane
CEO, Storage Security Group

Smarter Self Storage Security PTI continues to innovate in security and access control. PTI walks delegates through the latest solutions to your problems from the world's biggest provider of security tech to the self-storage industry.

4:20 pm


Paul Fahey
Shareholder/Director EasyBox Italy & Storage World UK, Chairman Spaceplus Germany

To get a 10 out of 10 on your sales, get ready to take notes for this masterclass in sales from a proven self storage champion. From small to large operations, in 25 years Paul Fahey has started and exited four successful Self-Storage businesses in the UK and Italy.


Currently owner/Chairman of EasyBox Italy and Storage World Manchester Uk and Chairman of SpacePlus Germany, he operates self storage businesses with 30 stores and an MLA of nearly 2m sq ft


This session will ensure you know your must-do sales techniques, processes, strategies, sales recruitment, sales KPIs and more: all things sales. Unlock the keys to success that will empower you and your team to SELL LIKE HELL!


7:00 pm
Self Storage Awards Asia Dinner
sponsored by RedBox Storage

Grand Ballroom, W Hotel

7pm          Cocktail
7:30pm    Dinner Starts

11:30pm   Dinner Finishs

Redbox storage logo_general Red.png





8:00 am - 8:45 am


Andrew Work
 Executive Director, Self Storage Association Asia
Helen Ng
 CEO, General Storage Company (Lock+Store, The Store House)
Stephen Spohn
 CEO, Quraz

The SSAA AGM serves as a vital platform for the management to report on the SSAA's performance, financial status, and future plans. It also provides an opportunity for the members to participate actively in the decision-making process and express your opinions or concerns.

9:00 am

Official Opening of Investor Forum

Andrew Work

Executive Director, Self Storage Association Asia

9:10 am

Investing in Japan

Dr Hubin Song, Partner, Crane Capital
Minoru Nishizawa
   Director & General Manager of Sales Headquarters, Arealink
Shuhei Okumura
   Representative Director and President, Japan Trunkroom
Frank Harrison, Chief Investment Officer, Quraz

Dan Morisaku, Director of Business Promotion, Ichigo

Our panel of investors and CEOs explain why Japan has become Buffet's baby and what it means for self storage. Demand is rising and more sites are opening, but how will YOU make money investing in Japan. Specifc opportunities and risks are dissected in the interactive Q&A panel led by SSAA Board member Dan Morisaku.

9:50 am

Touching the Elephant:
Europe's Weird and Wonderful Markets

Alberto Serrano Rivas
   President of Fedessa
   and Owner of Trasteros Plus Self Storage Company
Philippe Peyrot, President, Annexx
Dr John McGlynn, Founder, Scottish Capital and StorageVault
Chris Oosthuizen, CMO, Stor-Age Property REIT

Paola Barraza, Events and Membership Manager, FEDESSA

Don't let the Mercator fool you - Europe (incl. UK) is a vast and varied market where different business models are being tested on a huge range of consumers. The best in the business in major markets come together to compare the opportunities and how to 'carpe the diem' as an operator or investor alike. Europe is, in some ways, not unlike Asia - making this the perfect session to learn how to succced Euro-style.

10:35 am

Consulting the Legal Eagles

Kenneth Szeto, Partner, Shook Lin & Bok LLP
John Tan, Partner, Shook Lin & Bok LLP
Helen Ng, CEO, General Storage Company
Ken Tan, COO, General Storage Company

Whether it's risk-proofing your self storage operations, enforcing customer defaults or structuring an exciting new self storage investment opportunity, you have to talk to your lawyers. The panel's legal eagles have advised SSAA for 10 years (and counting), constant companions to successful self storage businesses through their development. They talk to SSAA Chairperson, Helen Ng and the COO of Lock + Store, Ken Tan, on key legal issues relating to your self storage business and investment opportunities.

10:55 am
Exhibition Time!
Coffee Break sponsored by FCX
FCX logo png.png

11:30 am

Operators on Investment

Kevin Chan, Chairman, Storefriendly Self Storage Group
Stephen Spohn, CEO, Quraz
Paul Fahey, Shareholder/ Director EasyBox Italy
   And Storage World UK, Chairman Spaceplus Germany

Reeves Yan, Executive Director, Head of Capital Markets
   Hong Kong, CBRE

When operators want to grow in a hurry, they turn to the investment market. How they plot a strategy and then move to tactics and execution is all covered in this session from people who have done it time and time again. They'll cover off their past successes and the changing strategies to respond to changes in the landscape.

12:10 pm

The China Reflection Point

Alan Tso, Founder & CEO, CBD Self Storage
Song Andong, Founder & CEO, Anton Mini Storage
Qin Xuan, Founder & CEO, Koala Mini Storage

Emma Feng, CEO, MyCube Self Storage

China was all about 'potential'. Now that potential is being realised. Real self storage has arrived in China and the middle class is buying in. This challenging market has seen multinational players enter and domestic companies ramp up. The panel will explore if investors make a move into one of China's most promising new sectors.

12:40 pm

Expo Group Photo Time!


Don't miss the highlight of the event - our exciting group photo session. Join us as we capture the vibrant tapestry of diversity and camaraderie within the self-storage community. See you there!

12:50 pm
Exhibition Time!
Lunch at Exhibition, Studio 5 & 6, W Hotel
sponsored by Shook Lin & Bok
Shook Lin & bok.png


2:00 pm

10 Tight Minutes on West Asia Markets (aka the Middle East)

Wadih Haddad, Founder & CEO, The Box 
Hamzah Mango, Founder & CEO, EasyStorage Jordan

West Asia, sometimes known as the Middle East, is a range of untapped markets. Chinese investors in particular are ramping up investments in the region. Last year we introduced the region so it's time for a quick update on opportunities there NOW!

2:10 pm

Mature Markets:
What Europe, the USA & Australia tell us about Asia's Future

Michael Cocozzo
   Senior Vice President, Portfolio Management, Real Estate, 
   Brookfield Asset Management
   CEO, RedBox Storage
Jimmy Mouzakiotis, Managing Director, Fort Knox Self Storage Keiri Custodio, Managing Director, Fremont Realty Capital

Polly Chu, Partner, Wither

Mature markets aren't supposed to have breakaway investment and growth. And yet that is exactly what has been happening in supposedly mature self storage markets around the world. Once considered part of the 'alternative' real estate investment category, it is quickly going mainstream as an array of investors across all categories are making it a must-have in their portfolios, supercharging investment and growth. From the Blackstones to the Brookfields to the Buffets of the world, self storage is going mainstream. Our panel explores what it could mean for Asia's future trajectory.

2:40 pm
FCX logo png.png
Exhibition Time!
Coffee Break sponsored by FCX
3:10 pm

OFF THE RECORD SESSION!Big Picture, Big Investors:A Multi-factor analysis of Asia Self Storage Investment

Yuen Pak Man, Managing Director, Blackstone

Brad Fu, Managing Director, Co-Head and Portfolio Manager   

   Private Equity, Asia-Pacific, Heitman

Fan Li, Managing Director, Warburg Pincus



Anirudha Ganguli

   Senior Director, Equity Advisory - Asia Pacific, JLL

The biggest investors and players in the region need to consider more than 10 factors when pulling the trigger. Find out how the biggest in the business are thinking about their current and future investments vis a vis interest rates, multinational brand-building, competitive investments and much more.


5:00 pm
Digital First Experience Night
The NEW Hong Kong Experience
Early Dinner, Digital First Tram Party, Secret Jazz Bar

Meet at 1/F Entrance, W Hotel


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