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PTI Security Systems

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PTI Security Systems

PTI has been the leading provider of the most innovative and reliable access control products in the self-storage industry for more than 40 years. Drive operational excellence and create a world-class customer experience for your tenants with PTI Security Systems.


StorLogix Cloud

With StorLogix Cloud, operators can easily customise all of their facility’s access areas, review site activity, and monitor zones and alarms from one cloud-based account.

Get instant notifications for any onsite activity

Access your setup from anywhere on any device

Realtime backups of your account saved to the cloud


PTI’s keypads deliver the perfect blend of quality, affordability, and flexibility.

Flexibility to easily operate gates, automatic doors, etc. directly from the keypads

Revenue management via immediate suspension of delinquent accounts

Stress-free customer access with an integration into StorLogix


Enhance customer convenience, increase employee productivity, and expand your capabilities with PTI’s mobile solutions.

StorLogix Mobile

Manage your facility’s security from anywhere in the world with StorLogix Mobile — the operator-facing mobile application that puts the unequaled power of PTI’s access control system in the palm of your hand. With StorLogix Mobile by PTI Security Systems, operators can enjoy the convenience of real-time site management capabilities, including the ability to trigger or hold any access points remotely. Boost your operation’s efficiency with StorLogix Mobile while creating a more seamless and satisfying experiences for your tenants.

Open doors or gates from anywhere - even when you're not on site!

Customisable notifications to alert operators to unusual on-site activity

See which tenants are on-site at all times

Suspend the status of a tenant with the click of a button

Review current or historical site activity by tenant or unit


Providing tenants with the convenience of a mobile app to access their facilities has become a standard for leading self-storage operators. Designed to help self-storage owners and operators create a seamless experience for tenants, EasyCode provides your tenants with the ability to open gates, doors, and view access activity from their mobile device. With over 6M gate activations to date, the EasyCode tenant-facing mobile app is the most advanced access control security technology in self-storage.

There’s never been an easier way to create a seamless experience for your tenants than with the flexibility of the EasyCode app. With EasyCode, there’s no getting out of the car at the gate, no more keys to lose, and no more access codes to remember!

1-click gate, door, and elevator entry

1-click access to the renter’s access code

Improved renter sign-up process

Full integration with PTI Keypads, Door Alarms, and DoorBoss

Multi-unit, multi-facility renters can now use one account to view and store all access data

Customisation and logo placement available

Tenant activity log keeps track of date and time you enter and exit the facility


Ask us how you can leverage PTI’s door alarms and smart locks to improve operations and provide individualised security.


The ProEdge Smart Latch simplifies door security for both operators and tenants with its next-generation Bluetooth technology that provides keyless access, automated rental possibilities, and overlocking functionality. This one latch is all that is needed to accommodate left and right-hand doors and is designed for both flat and corrugated doors.

Bluetooth connection

Tamper-resistant breakaway tab

StorLogix Cloud connectivity

3-year battery performance


The HELOX smart padlock by PTI and Abloy offers self-storage operators and tenants an easy-to-use, almost impenetrable layer of protection for stored items and to maintain facility integrity. Designed to integrate with tenant-facing mobile application EasyCode and operator-facing mobile application StorLogix Mobile, the PTI HELOX padlock enhances keyless protection with no disruption to current access control systems while protecting vacant lots from improper usage.

Keyless access with advanced Bluetooth Low-Energy technology

Support fully automated web-to-unit rentals

Offer digital key-sharing for customer convenience

Real-time audit logs sync with StorLogix Cloud platform

Overlock units remotely


To enquire or for more information contact PTI Storage Security.

Phone: +61 3 9014 1444



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