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Discover an action-packed schedule featuring industry leaders sharing their expertise, interactive panel discussions on emerging trends, and hands-on workshops exploring the latest innovations. Gain invaluable insights into operational efficiency, customer engagement, and sustainable practices. From keynote presentations to networking sessions, our comprehensive agenda offers something for everyone in the self-storage business. Get ready to elevate your knowledge, expand your network, and seize new opportunities in this thriving industry. Check out the exciting lineup and secure your spot at the forefront of self-storage excellence.



9am - 11pm
Additional Seminar (additional US$85/ US$100, light lunch included)
Storage Marketing Masterclass

Michael Dogger,  CEO, R6 Digital and SiteLink International

Come and hear from R6 Digital, the world leaders in storage marketing, about some practical ways that you can maximise the effectiveness and ROI of your investments in marketing your self storage business.

You will walk away with some new practical ideas that can be applied to your business to improve your marketing right away.

9am - 11:30am
Drawing room ll, The Okura Prestige Bangkok


1pm - 5pm
Site Visits

i-Store Self Storage

Welcome to i-Store Self Storage at Sathorn One, Thailand's premium destination for self-storage solutions. At the esteemed Self Storage Expo Asia, you'll witness their cutting-edge facility, equipped with advanced technology, climate-controlled units, and top-tier security protocols. Experience convenience tailored for individuals and businesses with unique storage requirements. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to see the evolution of self-storage and witness i-Store setting a new benchmark for excellence in the industry. Don't miss out!

LEO Self Storage

Experience the ultimate site visit at the Self Storage Expo Asia in Bangkok's enchanting China Town branch of LEO Self Storage! Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of modern storage solutions and the captivating allure of this iconic neighborhood. Witness firsthand their state-of-the-art facility equipped with seamless access, climate-controlled units, and top-notch security features. Explore the unique cultural surroundings while discovering how LEO Self Storage harmoniously integrates with the spirit of China Town. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to encounter the future of self-storage in a setting that embraces the essence of Bangkok's cultural heritage.

JWD Store it!

Discover JWD Store it, an exceptional self-storage facility in Bangkok's dynamic Siam district, during the Self Storage Expo Asia! Experience cutting-edge storage solutions with state-of-the-art technology, climate-controlled units, robust security, and the innovative addition of safety deposit boxes. Embrace the convenience and accessibility for urban dwellers and businesses alike. Explore the forefront of storage excellence at JWD Store it Siam. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity!


6pm - 8pm
Opening Cocktail sponsored by PTI
Venue sponsor: JWD Art Space



9:05 am

Chairman Welcoming

Helen Ng
CEO, General Storage Company (Lock+Store, The Store House)

We are honored to have Helen Ng, Chair of the Self Storage Association Asia (SSAA), she will be sharing invaluable insights on the current state of the self-storage market in Asia and the SSAA's latest updates.

In her opening speech, Helen will delve into the opportunities and challenges that the rapidly growing self-storage industry presents in the Asian region. With her vast experience as the CEO of Lock+Store, Helen will shed light on the evolving consumer trends and demands, helping us navigate this dynamic market.

Furthermore, she will provide an exclusive glimpse into the SSAA's recent initiatives and advancements. As the first Singaporean to hold a key Board position and later the Chair of the SSAA, Helen's visionary leadership has undoubtedly shaped the association's direction and impact on the industry.

9:10 am

​Michael Fogelberg: An Epic Journey into the Future

​Michael Fogelberg
Serial Self Storage Entrepreneur

Superstar Michael Fogelberg led the dramatic growth of Shurgard in Europe. He quickly created continental Europe’s biggest operator. After a successful exit, he founded self-storage and technology companies serving the industry that all have one thing in common: rapid, dramatic growth trajectories. He will talk about accelerating growth, acquiring properties, and moving quickly to drive returns and beat the competition.

9:55 am

MAX Efficiency Panel

Miles Davison, Co-founder & CEO, Storeganise
Terry Bagley, President of Industry & Partner Relationships,     
       Janus International

Moderated by: 
Alberto Serrano Rivas, Trastero Plus, Chairman FEDESSA

Streamlining processes through management and technology.Streamlining processes through management and technology.


Life doesn't have to be so hard, make it easier to yourself and your customers by rationalising the options you give customers and yourself. Make more money working less. Your staff will thank you.

10:35 am
Exhibition Time!
Coffee Break

11:00 am

MAX Revenue

Michael Dogger
CEO, R6 Digital and SiteLink International

The R6 experts will show how you can use your data and automation tech to ramp up your revenues. Part of the secret is that it ties, end-to-end, with your front facing marketing to drive more effective sales and efficient operations. You can do more and earn more with less effort. It's time to go for MAX Revenue!

11:30 am

MAX Insight: High Impact Decision Making for Operators

Chris Oosthuizen, CEO, Digital First

Without data, you're flying blind. Collecting data and presnting it in a way you can make quick, effective decisions is vital in our business. Our panelists have the data and help operators to make the best decisions they can about where to best spend their time and money for Maximum Impact!

12:00 pm

MAX Container: A New Line of Revenue

Shay McQuade
Sales Executive, Universal Storage Containers

In markets from the US to the UK to Japan, containers are a flexible line of business that can enable operators to make use of idle property, bring storage to customers and do so much more. You could be leaving money on the table if you haven't explored this special category of storage.

12:20 pm

MAX Infinity: Introducting Space Manager Infinity

Jenny Baldwin
Head Space Manager Programmer, RADical Systems


12:30 pm
Exhibition Time!
Lunch at Exhibition Area - Sora Room, Okura Prestige Hotel


2:00 pm

MAX Layout

Ken Tan, Chief Operating Officer, General Storage Company
Adrian Starling, Sales and Marketing Director,
      Janus International
Steve Taylor, Managing Director, Total Construction

Moderated by Wei Tao Sim, Country Manager,
      General Storage Company

The perfect layout gets you the max net lettable area given regulatory, safety, and consumer convenience considerations. Are you getting the most out of your real estate to max your revenue? Our panel will discuss real strategies, hard facts and insider tips to squeezing the most out of the real estare you have. MAX EFFICIENCY = MAX REVENUE=MAX PROFITS!

2:30 pm

MAX AI: Operational AI and how it can help optimize efficiency

​Martin Wild, Co-Founder and Managing Director, KINNOVIS

Front-facing AI is in the news but savvy operators have been using it to improve back end operations to improve efficiency and help make staff more effective. There is a lot more you can be doing by using forms of AI that you might not know even exist. Martin Wilde comes with the latest from Europe on how self storage operators are making MAX use of AI.

3:00 pm

MAX Thailand OPP: Investment in Thai Self Storage

Kettivit Sittisoontornwong,
CEO, LEO Global Logistics

Kettivit Sittisoontornwong, Chief Executive Officer of LEO Global Logistic has committed to growing self storage as a part of his business empire. He'll discuss how they came to the decision to invest in self storage. Starting in Bangkok, they are now planning to expand across the nation. He'll also talk about the connection between logistics and self storage in the Thai context and what he learned in building his original businesses that helps to make Leo Self Storage successful. His main logistics business is listed in Thailand and he'll speak to the lessons learned in the process of taking the company public.

3:20 pm
Exhibition Time!
Coffee Break

4:10 pm

MAX CRISIS: When social media disaster strikes

Leona Lo,
General Storage Company

You post positive messages into the world every day to build goodwill, but when social media turns on you, it can be nasty. Companies get completely blindsided when a small issue blows up on social media. Media management ninja Leona Lo was in-house with General Storage when a simple customer management issue caught the public's attention and became the number 1 story on the website of Singapore state's biggest newspaper. The management of the news cycle, dealing with the barrage of comments and the anxiety generated by social media can be scary, but not if you know how to handle it. Let Leona Lo tell you how. 

4:30 pm

My Personal Use of AI as a CEO and Its Impact on the Self Storage Industry

Ubbe Strihagen,
CEO and Co-Founder, Storeinn International AB

We have it in our dynamic pricing, our back end ops, even our energy managment. But how can a CEO directly use ChatGPT and other newly available AIs to make themselves MAX effective CEOs. Ubbe Strihagen uses AI every day, all day. He is making it work in managing his multiple enterprises on their fast growth path. Mr Strihagen's unique experience as a real estate leader then doyenne of transformational change in companies informs his adaptation of new technologies. He'll share how he uses AI daily - and so can you.


7:00 pm
Celebration Dinner at Nai Lert Park Heritage Home



8:00 am


Andrew Work, Executive Director, Self Storage Association Asia
Helen Ng, CEO, General Storage Company      (Lock+Store, The Store House)
Stephen Spohn, CEO, Quraz

The SSAA AGM serves as a vital platform for the management to report on the SSAA's performance, financial status, and future plans. It also provides an opportunity for the members to participate actively in the decision-making process and express your opinions or concerns.

9:00 am

Japan: Asia's Biggest Self Storage Market

Tokuo Yoshida
Representative Director, Rental Storage Association (RSA)

The Representative Director of the RSA and majordomo of the Japanese self storage market, Tokuo Yoshida, will provide and update on the status of the Japanese market, highlights recent deals in Japan and provide insights into the investment climate into Japan. The island nation has beocme the darling of global investors from Warren Buffet to major PR funds. Find out why with the ultimate Japanese insider for self storage.

9:25 am

MAX Thailand OPP: Investment in Thai Self Storage

Stefano Cassio, 
Vice President of Business Development
Storage Asia PLC and i-StoreGo Company Limited

Land of Smiles? Try "Land of Storage!" Thailand is about to boom with investment flooding into the sector. A Bangkok centred industry is about to burst its bounds to spread to other major cities across the nation. This presentation will show why this investment is inbound and how investors can approach this sometimes tricky market.

9:35 am

MAX i-Store: Discover Thailand's First Listed Self Storage Company

Petcharat Pongkasamepongon,
Assistant Vice President, Storage Asia PLC (i-Store)

Storage Asia Public Company Limited (branded i-Store Self Storage) is the first pure self storage company to list in Asia ex-Japan. Their IPO saw them list under ticket number on The Stock Exchange of Thailand's LiVE board. They are expanding beyond Bangkok with the strong backing of the WHA Group. Find out more about MAX THAILAND OPPORTUNITY!

9:22 am

Special Presentation on the Occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Rental Storage Association

9:45 am
Exhibition Time!
Coffee Break

10:15 am

MAX Growth!

Michael Forgelberg, Serial Self Storage Entrepreneur
John McGlynn, Scottish Capital
Kevin Chan, Chairman, Store Friendly Self Storage Group
Sam Kennard, CEO, Kennards Self Storage

Moderated by: 
Dan Morisaku,  Head of Biz Promo, Ichigo

Big guns with lots of ammo discuss how they have ramped up to open site after site after site, even under difficult conditions. Instead of growing slowly by opening one site at a time, you'll hear about how leaders have exploded their growth curve by building systems and infrastructure for truly rapid expansion to build empires! You can learn the secret of their success and see how you can supercharge your growth.

11:15 am

Self Storage Awards Asia 2023 Presentation

Andrew Work
Executive Director, Self Storage Association Asia

Asia's greatest self storage companies are fêted in this presentation of 2023. The best operators, marketing, use of technology and more are recognised at the Expo!

12:15 pm

Expo Group Photo Time!


Don't miss the highlight of the event - our exciting group photo session. Join us as we capture the vibrant tapestry of diversity and camaraderie within the self-storage community. See you there!

12:30 pm
Exhibition Time!
Lunch at Exhibition, Sora Room at Okura Prestige


2:30 pm

The SSAA Annual Survey of Member Data

Anirudha Ganguli
Senior Director, Equity Advisory - Asia Pacific, JLL

​This is YOUR data. Once a year, the most authoritative study on the state of the industry comes out with data analysed by JLL, the respected global real estate giant. This is the data to benchmark your ops against, use to attract investors and gauge your own potential for growth. This is your chance to ask the tough questions and get on the spot insights you can't find anywhere else.

3:15 pm

Investing in West Asia: Greenfield in the Sand

Hamzah A. Mango, CEO & Founder, Easy Storage Jordan
Wadih Haddad, Founder and CEO, The Box

Self storage has a nascent foothold in West Asia, also known as the Middle East. Our operators from Amman and Dubai take a hard look at the region to determine where the next hot spots are. Some middle to high income countries are practically virgin territory for interepid investors and operators willing to break new ground to make their mark. Major urban centres, real estate realities and cultural customer qualities come under the microscope.

3:40 pm
Exhibition Time!
Coffee Break

4:00 pm


Paul Fahey, Director, Easybox Italy
Jes Johansen, CEO, Storefriendly Singapore
Stephen Spohn, President, Quraz

Moderated by:

Mike Hagbeck, Group Chief Executive Officer StorHub Self Storage

Actual investors and operators make the case for where to invest $100M given the world to choose from. Mature but booming America? Greenfield SE Asia? Property hot Hong Kong? Buffet's baby, Japan? Champions will beat each other senseless, gladiator style, to convince you where to invest!


5:00 pm
Digital First Experience Night
Early Dinner, Digital First Tuk Tuk Ride, Muay Thai Fight Night

Immerse yourself in an exhilarating and iconic night in Bangkok. Prepare to witness electrifying displays of athleticism and skill, as we present an unforgettable experience that showcases the heart and soul of this vibrant city.

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