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Storhub Tour

StorHub Asia is the region's most multinational self storage presence in over 10 cities across 6 countries. It is leading the industry in business management and the use of technology.

Self Storage Expo Asia delegates will visit Storhub's flagship storage venue. This multi-faceted tour will only showcase THREE DISTINCT BUSINESS MODELS and culminate with the Self Storage Expo Asia rooftop WELCOME COCKTAIL (Sponsored by PTI).

It is at the cutting edge of technology and lifestyle storage featuring:

- The StorHub wine storage concept centre, Winebanc, including wine storage and tasting rooms.
- Lifestyle storage concept.
- The latest Janus doors and locker units manufactured at their high-tech facility in Singapore.
- Nokē biometric locks featuring AI biometric readings.
- PTI security systems
- Environmental control systems.
- An introduction to their industry leading ESG programmes.


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