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Stephen Spohn

Stephen Spohn



Steve Spohn is the President of Quraz, Japan’s largest indoor self-storage owner and operator. Since moving to Japan from Boston in 2008 to run Quraz, Steve has overseen the development and execution of Quraz’s operating and growth strategies under two different ownership groups, most recently Evergreen Real Estate Partners LLC following their purchase of the business in 2013 which stands as the largest self-storage transaction in Asia to date. During Steve’s tenure with Quraz, the company has evolved into an institution-grade real estate operating and growth platform, and has crystalized its position as the domestic market leader in size and product quality. Prior to joining Quraz, Steve spent most of the previous ten years working in a variety of financial roles for Softbank Capital, the US investment arm of Softbank Japan, and its portfolio companies in the US. Steve can be contacted at

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