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Michael Fogelberg

Serial Entrepreneur
Founder of Storeinn

Michael Fogelberg, a Swedish native, relocated to the United States in 1986 to pursue his academic endeavours. In 1992, he graduated from Seattle University with a Bachelor's degree in Finance and International Business. The subsequent year marked his move to Brussels, Belgium, which served as the catalyst for his entrepreneurial journey.

During his time in Brussels, Michael embarked on an exploration of the prospects for establishing a self-storage enterprise in Belgium. Notably, he initiated negotiations with Shurgard, a prominent American self-storage company, to form a joint venture aimed at introducing self-storage services to the European market. This endeavour came to fruition in 1995 when Shurgard opened three facilities in Brussels, subsequently expanding to Paris, London, and Stockholm. Michael relocated to Stockholm and assumed responsibility for spearheading Shurgard's expansion efforts in Scandinavia. With his leadership, Shurgard successfully penetrated the Danish market in 2001, subsequently extending its presence throughout Europe. Presently, Shurgard stands as the preeminent self-storage company in Europe, boasting an impressive portfolio of more than 260 facilities and a revenue exceeding 333 million Euros.

In 2005, Michael Fogelberg concluded his tenure with Shurgard and transitioned into an active role as an investor in smaller enterprises. However, in 2006, he returned to Sweden and undertook the establishment of SelStor AB, a distinguished self-storage company. Over the ensuing years, Michael adeptly oversaw the development of ten state-of-the-art facilities within the Stockholm region. In December 2012, he orchestrated the sale of SelStor AB to Pelican Self Storage, subsequently lending his expertise to the company until autumn 2013.

The year 2014 witnessed Michael's establishment of 24Storage AB, a cutting-edge storage company that capitalizes on the global trends of urbanization and digitalization. Guided by an acquisition strategy and the construction of novel facilities, the company experienced rapid expansion within Sweden. Additionally, 24Storage AB engineered an in-house system platform to facilitate centralized, digitally-driven operations. Michael's involvement with the company concluded in 2018, at which point it managed a total of 25 facilities. Subsequently, in 2019, 24Storage AB became publicly traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. In December 2021, the company was successfully delisted from the exchange following its acquisition by Nuveen.

In 2020, Michael Fogelberg, in collaboration with three partners, ventured into the establishment of Zipplify. The company specialized in the development of a Bluetooth latch lock tailored to the self-storage market. In December 2022, Zipplify's noteworthy achievements culminated in its acquisition by ASSA Abloy, an esteemed organization also encompassing PTI Security.

During the winter of 2020, Michael, alongside Ubbe Strihagen, co-founded StoreInn and Inntello. StoreInn emerged as a distinguished third-party self-storage operator, while Inntello devised a comprehensive system platform leveraging Microsoft 365, Cisco Phone System, and Axis cameras to optimize self-storage business operations.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavours, Michael Fogelberg has actively contributed to industry associations. From 2004 to 2020, he served as a member, chairman, and vice-chairman of FEDESSA (Federation of European Self Storage Associations). Furthermore, Michael assumed the role of chairman for SSA Sweden, a prominent industry association, between 2006 and 2021.

Michael Fogelberg
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