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Ubbe Strihagen

Introducing Ubbe Strihagen, a visionary CEO and serial entrepreneur deeply committed to driving innovation and harnessing cutting-edge technologies across diverse industries. Hailing from the land of modern Vikings, Ubbe's international scope has led him to explore and collect knowledge from all corners of the world.

As the CEO and Co-founder of Storeinn, a ground-breaking third-party operator with its system platform subsidiary, Inntello, Ubbe Strihagen stands at the forefront of transforming the self-storage industry. His mission is to share his knowledge of AI adoption, empowering self-storage to better leverage data for enhanced marketing, pricing, staffing, and digitalized operational processes. This optimizes customer decisions, improves store results, and unlocks possibilities for new, highly automated facilities.

Ubbe's entrepreneurial spirit drives him to eagerly embrace emerging technologies, fostering growth and innovation. As a seasoned strategy consultant and investment management expert, he has played a pivotal role in catalyzing digital transformation and corporate change within various companies.

Throughout his illustrious career, Ubbe managed institutional real estate with senior international director roles at esteemed investment management firms Aberdeen, Schroders, and Catella.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ubbe's international adventures have enriched his perspective. While Europe remains his primary domain, he has lived in Jakarta and Los Angeles, expanding his cross-cultural knowledge.

We are thrilled to welcome Ubbe Strihagen at the Self Storage Expo Asia, where he will share his unique insights and experiences. Prepare to be inspired as Ubbe sheds light on embracing AI's boundless possibilities, propelling us towards an era of unprecedented growth and innovation.

Ubbe Strihagen
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