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Janus International Asia is the global leader in high-quality self storage solutions, specialising in the consultation, design, manufacture and installation of self storage units across the world. Janus have been the leading supplier in the self storage industry since its infancy. With over 30 years’ experience, we have built over 1 million self storage units and designed and developed facilities throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Janus International Asia forms part of the Janus International Group, our aim is to add long-term value to facilities and help our customers throughout their self storage journey. Whether you’re a seasoned storage professional or an entrepreneur with an eye for a business opportunity, we have scalable solutions to fit your requirements. When working with Janus International Asia you can expect: 

  • High-quality products built to last

  • Innovation, experience & knowledge

  • Dedicated team of self storage experts 

  • Complete end-to-end solutions 

To find out more about our range of self storage and access control solutions, please get in touch: 



T: +65 6862 9365

Janus International Asia
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