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Rubik is a simple contactless access solution for self-storage that helps operators automate sites at scale with affordable software & hardware. How does Rubik work? At remotely operated sites, unobserved tenants dump trash and move into units they haven't paid, frustrating the next tenant & managers. Smart locks are a solution. They are expensive, though, and many things can go wrong with their hardware & software, increasing cost & chaos. So, operators secure units with semi-automated systems of combination padlocks, spreadsheets, and undocumented rules; but these makeshift management systems don't automate everything and fail to scale. Rubik helps operators use combination padlocks for contactless access in self-storage at scale. With Rubik, operators introduce standardized processes to manage thousands of locks with minimum effort. And best of all, Rubik is built cheap - making contactless move-ins accessible for every operator. 

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