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Boxwell designs, manufactures, and installs portable self-storage containers and roll up doors. Shipped flat-packed, Boxwell containers are easy to build with an assembly time of 30 minutes per container. Once assembled, they are ultra-durable, weatherproof, and pest-proof. They are moveable and stackable (up to three high), even when fully loaded.

Boxwell containers match the aesthetics and approachability of a traditional self-storage facility. Match existing branding, colors, and finishes seamlessly with total customizability. Site prep is minimal with no foundation needed. Fill dead zones, vacant lots, fencelines, and more with Boxwell portable self-storage containers. Available in 2.4m (8') by any length up to 6m (20'). Boxwell also offers 3m x 6m (10'x20') containers.

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