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Finverse is a Hong Kong/Singapore Fintech helping Asian businesses automate revenue collection. By automating payments like bank direct debit and QR code payments, we enable storage operators to get paid faster, with less effort and at lower cost. Using Finverse, you can realise the business benefits of online payments at 85% lower cost than cards, boosting margins and simplifying operations, while freeing up ops/finance teams to focus on growth.  


Finverse is natively integrated in storage solutions like Sitelink/RapidStor and Storeganise, or easily can be integrated via a streamlined API. We support all major banks in Hong Kong & Singapore, and are actively expanding bank payments to other Asian markets. In addition, we support major payment gateways like Stripe and Global Payments/Cybersource, and can seamlessly surcharge card fees to cardholders, so you no longer bear the burden of high gateway fees.

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