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Kinnovis is an AI-powered software solution that’s designed to help self-storage businesses grow by giving owners and operators complete control over facility management, customer relations and online reservations.

Every Kinnovis customer can experience…

Kinnovis Booking Portal:

• Bring your self-storage business online with a 24/7 customer-facing booking flow.

• Maximise rentals and recurring payments with seamless integration into your website.

Kinnovis Manager:

• Streamline daily operations with automation.

• Access downloadable reports, interactive facility maps, a comprehensive customer database, and invoice tracking.

Kinnovis Customer Portal:

• Enhance tenant satisfaction with personalised logins.

• Empower tenants to manage rented units and access permissions.

Facility Map:

• Real-time interactive map for efficient facility management.

• Unit availability and integrated workflows simplify booking and customer management.

• Customise your map to precisely match your floor plan.

Automated, Personalised Emails:

• Create timely, personalised emails with ease.

• Utilise specific email triggers for targeted communication.

• Brand-friendly templates without any coding.

Analytics and Reports:

• Gain insights with clear, reliable reports.

• Monitor revenue, occupancy, and customer health with flexible date and site filters.

• Filter by locations and timeframes.

• Export graphs into a single PDF document.


• Operators can connect their favourite tools, like smart access controllers, to their Kinnovis account seamlessly.

• Automate repetitive tasks by syncing the Kinnovis software with others via API.

JaneGPT (coming soon):

• Offer 24/7 customer support on your website with this AI Chatbot.

• Recommend unit sizes, provide instant quotes and answer enquiries instantly.

• Real-time information is passed directly from your Kinnovis account to the chatbot, ensuring answers are accurate and relevant for every interaction.

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